Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothering Sunday Gift

So as part of spoiling my Mum rotten on Mothering Sunday I made her this adorable fabric elephant. The fabrics are reclaimed curtains and cushions and I got the pattern from a friend. The pattern suggested I used a contrasting fabric on the inside of the ears but I chose to also use it underneath the body as well for a more chic look. Although it looks complicated the pattern is actually quite easy. You simply have to sew together all the underneath pieces and the back piece before the sides leaving the belly open for stuffing. My favourite part of the elephant is actually the satin blanket and tiny jingle bells attached each side. They are highly annoying in sound but utterly cute.

She is quite a large elephant as she is photographed here on a sewing machine case. I was thinking of maybe making more in different fabrics and weighting them down in their feet to make them into doorstops or paper weights?

By the way the elephant has been named Frieda by Mummy Ede